When a preacher stays a long time, usually, the church doesn't like the next preacher.

I volunteer to be the next preacher they don't like.

During the six to eighteen months Gail and I work with them,

they have time to grieve their losses and wisely select their next preacher.

This website describes how we do it.


Between Preachers

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Between Preachers — ideas to improve transitions

Jerrie's book about interim ministry

When a preacher stays a long time, usually the church doesn’t like the next preacher. I volunteer to be the next preacher they don’t like. During the six to eighteen months Gail and I work with them, they have time to grieve their losses and wisely select their next preacher. This book describes how we do it.

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Roger Leonard recommends Between Preachers, by Jerrie Barber

My wife, Alisa, and I were in the first Interim Ministry workshop Jerrie conducted. It was most informative and helpful. This book is an excellent summary of the workshop and thorough guide to getting started in interim ministry, and for churches to understand how it can work positively. There are supplementary resource recommendations inside. Preachers, elders, deacons and other church members can work toward better communication, relationships, transitions, and longer term preacher tenures by using the ideas in this book. 

— Roger L. Leonard

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My Interim Principles

Block 1
  • I have no desire to be your next full-time preacher. I am an intentional interim. I will be with you while you are selecting your next preacher.

  • We will negotiate an agreement that will be mutually beneficial.

  • The usual working agreement is six to eighteen months.

  • The cost is adjusted to the size of the congregation.

  • The interim time is an opportunity for learning and growing spiritually while you are in transition.

What People Have Said about Interim Ministry

  • Our church family has been blessed by getting to know the Barbers. I love how yall can talk and have fun with anyone 1-100 years old. My grand kids love yall. Wast basket material & mustard seed. Don't open the mail that does not belong to you! Rules. Stick to your rules!! Hard to let yall go :(
    You two have been a terrific example and encouragement to me in your time here. I’ve seen you be sincere, level-headed, accepting (even inviting) of criticism in order to grow and improve, humble, gentle and kind-hearted. I believe that any church you work with on an extended basis will be better for having you there.
You (Jerrie) are the most disciplined person I’ve ever known and it’s inspiring to hear your accomplishments. I appreciate your lesson on self-discipline, especially because I know you practiced those principles in your own life. Gail is kind, gentle and tender-hearted. She taught ladies class and did many behind-the-scenes acts of kindness that probably went unnoticed by some.
The Sunday morning Bible class was in the auditorium and the acoustics were such that it was difficult to hear class members when they read scripture or made a comment.
    One of the very best preachers I have heard. I was raised in the church so I have heard a few. Uses a lot of humor which is a very useful tool. Look at scriptures with a different perspective, which is also good. It makes you think for yourself. He runs barefooted.